Teenage women at The Source For Women

Your teen and pre-teen years are filled with tons of amazing "firsts." It's natural to have questions about your body, puberty, your period, relationships, sex and your future.

The Source’s holistic approach to reproductive care provides you with medical services, counseling, education, and mentorship to fully support you during your reproductive years. Start at The Source. We're here to help.

What is a well woman exam and when should I get one?

The words "well woman exam" can be a bit intimidating, especially when you've not yet had one and feel like everybody else has. Advocates at The Source are here to walk with you as you learn about your health, your family's health history, and the power of choice as you consider the health of your whole being–body, mind and spirit.

Routine examinations are recommended starting between the ages 13-15. If you haven't yet received one and are in your later teen years, there's nothing to fear. Start now! What you experience in a well woman appointment depends on your age, medical history, and unless it's your first exam, the date of your last visit.

To determine what services you need, your nurse will start with a medical consultation. Don't worry–there are absolutely no wrong or right answers in a consultation, and everything you discuss in a medical exam room is 100% confidential. Depending on the consultation, your exam may include hypertension testing, a clinical breast exam, pap test, and pelvic exam.

How do I know if I could have an STD or STI?

It’s possible to get an STD (sexually transmitted disease) or STI (sexually transmitted infection) if you’ve engaged in any type of sexual activity, even oral sex. Some STIs are transmitted through vaginal fluid, seminal fluid and/or blood, but others are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. 

The only way to avoid getting an STD or STI is if neither you nor your partner has ever had oral-genital, hand-genital or genital-genital contact with another person. All of these sexual activities carry varying risks for STI transmission. The only way of knowing if you have one is by getting examined by a healthcare provider.

There are numerous types of STDs with various signs and symptoms, but there are some common warning signs. If your partner has told you that he or she has an STD/STI and you've had sex, you should definitely get checked out. If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your body, specifically with your genitals, you should also have an examination. Keep in mind, some STIs such as Chlamydia and gonorrhea show no symptoms at all, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Source for Women offers STD/STI testing with no judgment, so there’s no need to be embarrassed. We’ll educate you on how to avoid and prevent STDs and STIs in the future. Your consultation, testing and treatment are all free of charge.

If you haven’t engaged in any sexual activity, then the chances of you having an STD or STI are slim. However, if you’ve noticed anything unusual, such as bumps on your genitals or a strange discharge, you should see a healthcare provider. Even if it’s not an STD or STI, it may be something that requires medical attention.

Could I get pregnant?

Truth is, you can get pregnant if you choose to have sex, even if you use contraception and even if you use it perfectly. Regardless of where you're at or what you're going through, advocates at The Source for Women are here for you as you learn about sexual choices and how they affect you–body, mind and spirit.

Whether or not to have sex is a choice we're all faced with, and you should have a safe place to talk about it without feeling judged or stereotyped. If you are not engaging in sexual activity that may lead to pregnancy, we're here to talk with you about the sexual choices that you're facing.

Are you having sex? If you are and you're wondering if you may be pregnant, we encourage you to come speak with a health advocate and receive a cost-free pregnancy test. 

The Source for Women will provide you with stats and facts about sex, healthy relationships, pregnancy and STIs or STDs. We'll also talk with you as a counselor and/or mentor. Make an appointment to talk with a health advocate… all services are 100% confidential.

I need to talk to someone NOW.

Have a reproductive health question or concern that you need to discuss before your appointment? No problem. Text the following three things to 713.425.9576:

1. "Call me, please."

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A Source advocate will call you back shortly. We look forward to speaking with you!