After you have received a positive result on a pregnancy test, it is important to schedule an ultrasound to confirm that you have a viable pregnancy. Unlike a pregnancy test, an ultrasound can show you if your baby is growing in the right place and provide you with a more accurate estimate of your due date. In addition, many new parents remember an ultrasound as the first time they got to see their baby or hear the baby’s heartbeat. If you’re pregnant or think you might be pregnant and you haven’t had an ultrasound yet, talk to us about a free ultrasound at The Source for Women.

Our ultrasounds are limited obstetrical ultrasounds which means that we cannot tell you the baby’s gender or diagnose specific medical issues, but we can confirm that you have a viable pregnancy, let you hear your baby’s heartbeat and see what your developing baby looks like, and provide you with an estimate of your due date. We will also give you information you can pass on to your doctor once you have established regular prenatal care. (Don’t worry if you haven’t found a doctor for your prenatal care yet, we have lots of great doctors that we can recommend to you!)

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