Questioning if you are pregnant may be one of the more stressful "waiting periods" in a woman's life. If you are uncertain whether or not you're pregnant, a pregnancy test is a simple and accurate way to find out.

Pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests are more effective the closer you get to the date of your expected period, and 99% accurate following a missed period. You may purchase a home pregnancy test from a local drugstore or schedule a no-cost pregnancy test at The Source For Women.

What To Do When

If you are uncertain that enough time has passed since your last period, or if you are uncertain about the possibility of being pregnant, take our short pregnancy quiz to help determine if you should schedule a pregnancy test.

If you have taken a home pregnancy test with positive results, it is important to consult a health care provider to receive a positive confirmation of pregnancy and discuss your pregnancy options. If a home pregnancy test is negative, it is important to consider that the test may read a false negative when taken too early.

At times, it may seem unclear if your test result is positive or negative. If this happens to you, The Source For Women can provide you with another pregnancy test and discuss the results with you.