You're looking for the best care for your partner and solid guidance for the health of your relationship. So glad you’re here.

We also welcome men who are partnered with women needing reproductive healthcare

The Source for Women is a relationship resource for men, too! We feel it's just as important to support and empower the partners of the women in our community so couples can make better life decisions together. We offer medical services for her, and counseling, education and mentorship so you and your partner can enjoy a healthier relationship.

I may have an STD/STI. What does this mean for us?

We understand your concern and applaud you for seeking help. First, you should approach your partner and be open and honest about the situation. While it may be embarrassing or difficult, your partner deserves to know if she needs to get tested for an STD or STI.

If you and she have already engaged in sexual activity, you will both need to get tested for an STD or STI. In the meantime, we suggest you abstain from sex to avoid further complications.

We encourage you to take our online quiz to determine the possibility of having an STD or STI. No matter what the quiz results, however, if you suspect you have an STD or STI, you should get tested as soon as possible. While The Source does not offer testing for men, we will provide treatment for you if you test positive through another testing service. We do, however, provide free STD/STI testing for women, so we encourage you to make an appointment for your partner.

She may be pregnant.

Not knowing, but fearing a pregnancy can be one of the most unsettling and difficult things for a couple to work through. First things first, The Source provides cost-free pregnancy testing for your partner to confirm whether or not she is pregnant.

Our holistic reproductive health care program includes medical, counseling, mentorship, education, and other services to serve you both once you know the outcome of the pregnancy test.

If there is a positive confirmation of pregnancy, we fully educate on all your options and provide you with access to our network of community resources providers that will help support your partner in making a healthy choice. If there is a negative confirmation of pregnancy, our holistic services are available to support the health of your relationship.

If you are concerned about a possible pregnancy, encourage your partner to take the short quiz below to determine whether or not she should come in for an appointment. If she consents, why wait? Make an appointment for a cost-free pregnancy test today.

I want to speak with a male advocate about my relationship.

At The Source, we understand that no matter the relationship, it inevitably requires lots of work!

Most people desire a lasting marriage relationship, but it's an unfortunate truth that over half of all marital relationships in the U.S. fail. What gives? We need to slow down and consider why intended results are not matching actual outcomes. What does it take to last in today's world… really?

Times may have changed, but the answer hasn't. Learning to overcome life's obstacles and resolve conflict with your partner in a healthy way is and always has been key to maintaining a loving and committed relationship. Both men and women benefit from a safe, nonjudgmental "sounding board" to turn to for solid advice and wise counsel that is in line with relationship goals. The great news is, when one or both receive support through counseling or mentorship, the relationship is far more likely to succeed.

The Source provides counseling and mentorship services. Schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your relationship questions or concerns with a Source advocate today.  

I want us to learn more about how to be in a healthy relationship.

So glad to hear it! Many people are intimidated by the thought of seeking relationship advice, but there is much to learn about what it takes to be in a healthy, loving partnership.

Our Licensed Professional Counselors, LPC Interns and trained advocates are here to help you and your partner through whatever situation or difficulties you may be facing. We’ll also provide education so you can make smarter life decisions as a couple, avoid common relationship pitfalls and become better prepared for a future together.