Joining a Church

At The Source for Women, we believe that attending a church service regularly and participating in church life helps people grow in compassion and kindness. Being a part of a church community strengthens us and our relationships and provides us with opportunities to both receive and practice forgiveness and love. Through services, Bible studies, prayer groups, and volunteer opportunities, we are able to learn more about our faith and our fellow humans.

Find a church near you and start by attending a service. Most churches also offer Bible study groups of all types (women’s, English/Spanish, day/evening, etc.), service or mission-based groups, and other opportunities to participate in church life.

Featured Churches

Bethel Independent Presbyterian Church

Christ The King Presbyterian Church

Northeast Houston Baptist Church

Tallowood Baptist Church

Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Houston's First Baptist Church

St. John The Divine Episcopal Church

Christ the King Lutheran Church

Sojourn Galleria Church

Second Baptist Church

Vineyard Christian Fellowship Houston