What to Expect: Coming to the Source for a Pregnancy Test

The Source

July 11, 2018

What to Expect: Coming to the Source for a Pregnancy Test

If you are coming to a Source center for a pregnancy test, you may have some questions about what exactly will happen during the appointment. Keep reading to get a general idea of what your pregnancy test appointment will be like to help you feel more comfortable and prepared.

When you get to your Source center, we will first ask for your photo ID so we can confirm that you have an appointment with us. Then we will ask you to fill out some forms with your basic personal and health information so we can provide you with the proper resources and care to meet your specific needs. We will also ask you to sign a consent form to receive our services and a notice of privacy practices; feel free to ask any questions about this paperwork.

After you’ve filled out a few forms, our staff will show you to the restroom for a urine pregnancy test. All you have to do is collect a small sample of urine in a specimen cup and leave the cup in the designated area in the restroom. Be sure to ask for water first if you need it.

When you’re finished, a staff member will escort you to a private room to wait for the results of your test. If you have a friend, family member, or significant other with you, and you want them to know the results of your pregnancy test, let us know! It is our policy to always meet with you individually first, but we would be happy to bring someone else into the room after a few minutes if you’d like.

A program coordinator will come meet with you once we have run the test. She will show you how to read the results and then talk about how we can further help you. If your test is positive, she can give you some basic information on what your developing baby looks like along with general guidance for pregnancy health. Most importantly, your program coordinator has access to our wide network of resources. If you need to find a good doctor, if you need employment or housing assistance, or if you need to apply for Medicaid, your program coordinator will provide you with resources to meet all those needs and more.

Your program coordinator will also talk to you about getting an ultrasound at The Source for Women, and will help you schedule an appointment if you are eligible. Please understand that we are unable to provide you with a pregnancy test and an ultrasound appointment on the same day. Our ultrasound schedule always fills up in advance, so we unfortunately don’t have the resources to provide you with an ultrasound unless you schedule a separate appointment.

After meeting with the program coordinator, you will have the option to meet with a spiritual mentor who can pray with you, discuss matters of faith, and help you find answers to questions. Many of our clients really appreciate getting to talk to our spiritual mentors. We encourage you to take this opportunity but don’t want you to feel pressured. It’s your choice to meet with a spiritual mentor or not, and we will provide you with the same care either way.

At the end of your visit, your program coordinator will make sure you have any referrals you requested and are scheduled for any further appointments you need at The Source for Women. At any point, if you have a question or a need, feel free to ask one of our staff members or volunteers. We are here for you and want you to feel as comfortable and informed as possible when you come to our centers!