Be informed. Be empowered. The Source Relationship Empowerment and Lifestyle Training classes equip you with the information and tools you need to make healthy relationship choices!

Women's reproductive healthcare education

The benefit of education is beyond increased knowledge. Education interrupts poverty and unhealthy cycles. Access to greater learning produces resilience and a better opportunity for success for the educated woman and her community.

The Source offers Relationship Empowerment and Lifestyle Training (4Real) at no cost to our clients. Our 4Real Training curriculum equips you to thrive in all your key relationships, from men to your body, money, child(ren), family, friends, and your spirituality.

As you are empowered to make healthy relationship choices, we commission you to join with us in building a community of healthy, informed, resilient people by sharing what you know with who you know.

Clients who receive 4Real Training also have the added benefit of earning credits to apply toward materials assistance.

Classes at our Galleria and Northeast centers alternate every seven weeks so that you have the opportunity to experience the full curriculum within one calendar year. Schedule an appointment to discuss the current class offering or to inquire about the courses available online at 4Real University.