Because your life’s circumstance affects your reproductive choices, access to nonjudgmental counseling is an important aspect of reproductive health care.

Women's reproductive healthcare counseling

The Source For Women provides confidential, counseling with Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs) and LPC interns under the supervision of a LPC Supervisor, as a part of our holistic reproductive healthcare program.

Coupled with preventive and pregnancy medical services, counseling can provide much needed support as you consider the health of your relationships, process test results, and learn more about how your reproductive choices affect your overall health.

A Care Plan Just For You

Counselors are trained to assess each variable that you feel may affect or limit your choices, and formulate a comprehensive care plan to support your specific needs. In addition to the services we provide, your program counselor will help you identify and access resources provided by partners within our vetted referral partner network in the community.

Get better reproductive care that serves your whole self–body, mind and spirit. Schedule your counseling appointment today.