"she believes the child to be a gift from God..."

Beth's Story

Beth* came to us for a pregnancy test during a highly stressful time in her life. She had just broken up with a long-term boyfriend, was unemployed, and had recently lost her mother. On top of this, she and her two daughters were temporarily living with a friend until she could secure long-term living arrangements.

When her pregnancy test came out positive, Beth was scared, anxious, and frustrated. She didn’t know how she could support another child, so she planned to have an abortion. However, she agreed to come back to The Source for an ultrasound before scheduling the abortion appointment.

Beth was still under stress when she returned for the ultrasound. She had told her previous boyfriend that she was pregnant, but he did not believe the baby was his. With this conflict still unresolved, he agreed to accompany Beth to her ultrasound appointment but was pressuring her to abort.

After seeing her new baby on the ultrasound, she told us that she believes the baby to be a gift from God and has decided to carry her child to term.

We are excited about Beth’s decision to bring her child into the world! The Source for Women has been providing her with the support that she needs to be empowered to care for her children. So far, we have shared housing and employment resources along with material assistance. And Beth plans to continue with grief counseling through The Source to help her grow stronger emotionally and be more prepared for her new baby.

*Not her real name