About Us

"May the Lord, the God of your ancestors, increase you a thousand times and bless you as He has promised!"  (Deuteronomy 1:11-NIV)

We envision thousands of Christ-centered, holistic reproductive health centers located throughout the world. Each center will offer accredited medical services and support in a manner that is engaging, scalable, and cost-efficient. This model will enable effective ministry to abortion-minded women and men from a variety of lifestyles, countries, and faiths.

Our Mission

To embrace, equip, and empower women and families by providing holistic, Christ-inspired reproductive medical services and support.

Statement of Engagement

We love and serve every woman who comes to us in need, regardless of her decision to have an abortion either now or in the past.

We believe that life is the best choice for any pregnancy.

We do not judge.

We empower women to choose life by offering services like counseling, parenting classes, material assistance, prayer, adoption referrals, Medicaid assistance, and more.

Whether a woman chooses to parent, place for adoption, or abort her child, we encourage her to come for counseling, bible study, and education.

When she or any of her family members desire to pray, we are always available.

Our Impact

In 2018, The Source saved over 1,000 babies, a 19% increase since 2017.

In addition, we provided over 744 Ultrasounds, a 52% increase since 2017.

Check out more of our year-over-year increases in our 2018 Annual Report!

Prayer and Intercession at the Source

We believe that prayer is powerful, and that when we seek God, He really does act. That’s why we ask our supporters to continually join us in prayer over the following areas:

  • Source personnel - From our board members and leadership to the staff who work with clients day after day to our team of volunteer advocates, there are a lot of individuals committed to carrying out our mission and vision. Pray that we continually carry out God’s will in our ministry and that as we seek strength from Him, we demonstrate love to the world.
  • Source clients - Thousands of women and families in crisis situations come through our doors every year. Pray that God gives them the courage, the strength, and the will to break free from cycles of crisis and pain and that they discover Christ as the ultimate Source of life and freedom.
  • The Source as an organization - We are expanding our ministry to cover all of Houston and then move out to the rest of Texas and beyond. Pray that God provides for and directs us as we seek to move forward and reach more people.
  • Life - Pray for our nation and our world to value life as God values it, understanding that life is an invaluable gift in and of itself which should not be cheapened or destroyed.

For more information on prayer at the Source or joining our Intercessory Team, email prayer@thesourceforwomen.org.