The Source for Women 4Real Training education includes:

Childbirth and Lactation

Get ready for childbirth with basic knowledge about pregnancy, prenatal care, safe labor and delivery, and breastfeeding.


Receive Biblical guidance as you explore what you believe and how it impacts your daily choices.


Learn about the power that exists within your family, and prepare for the joys and responsibilities of parenthood. Get equipped with practical parenting skills that will help you raise a healthy child and family.


Receive real-world solutions to help you talk with your partner and family about obtaining true financial health.


Get helpful instruction on proper nutrition so you may eat well and be intentional with the health of your family, both during and after pregnancy.


Get equipped with the stats and facts you need to make healthy choices in regard to your relationships and sexual health.


Between 1 and 5 million women each year are affected by physical, emotional and sexual abuse by their intimate partners. You or someone you know is impacted by domestic violence; become equipped and empowered to live safe, wise and well.


A versatile course that encourages critical thinking to successfully identify and navigate cultural paradigms, as well as the mixed messages found within society, your value system and beliefs.

If you’re interested in improving your opportunity to succeed, please schedule your no-cost appointment today and take advantage of our on-site or online 4Real Training classes.