About Us



The Source for Women exists to empower women to make informed choices in their lives. We seek to help you embrace life and live it significantly.

In order to empower women we provide the following services:
Therapeutic Counseling
Enrichment Educational Services
Reproductive Health Counseling

We believe that all women are holistic beings with unique needs and challenges that affect their mind, body and the spiritual aspects of their lives; therefore, women should have the opportunity to receive professional therapeutic counseling to address any issues that affect their mind, body and spirit.

All women deserve the opportunity to excel to their fullest potential in life; therefore, women should embrace the responsibility to intentionally enrich one another's life experiences through mentoring and advocacy. In addition, in order for women to excel in being "Wise Women", we provide classes and groups to prepare women for life's journey.

Finally, all women should be empowered to make informed choices regarding their reproductive lives; therefore, women should have professionally trained counselors to discuss all options available to them and receive accurate information.

All of our services are confidential.